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It seems like every holiday/season has its own must-have treat: turkey-Thanksgiving; candy canes- Christmas; Peeps- Easter; etc. But what is there for hurricane season? And why not raise hurricane relief funds with it? We asked ourselves these questions while eating a king cake (Mardi Gras's must-have treat) and decided to find the solution. Little did we know it would take a few years to do it. Naming the Hurricake was easy but creating a unique product that everyone would recognize as the hurricane season treat took multiple iterations, several pan prototypes, and many late nights. We've taste-tested hundreds of Hurricakes, sketched countless product designs, and even won a business plan competition along the way; however, the real satisfaction happened when we baked a Hurricake that didn't need an expensive pan or a pastry chef degree to make. We see this as a way to bring the Hurricake to everyone quickly whether you make one at home or pick one up at your local bakery. Furthering our mission of hurricane awareness through education and proactive hurricane relief fundraising is our goal. We're currently licensing our trademarks to businesses that want to sell Hurricakes and will be asking for a percentage of their Hurricake sales to go towards Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Next hurricane season, we will begin selling hurricane-themed cookie-cutters, mixes, and Eyecing (eye of the hurricane + icing). Hurricakes are reactive this year in terms of Hurricane Sandy relief; however, our intentions are to make Hurricakes a tradition that is proactive in raising hurricane relief funds!

Profile ImageFounder's family home near New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.


Our Founder

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Stuart Adams

Stuart is actively involved in hurricane research and education as an engineering PhD Student at Louisiana State University and can often be found investigating damage following storms. Stuart has visited many schools to educate students on hurricanes and recently presented and served on a panel at the first Hurricane Engineering conference this October. Stuart has lived in the hurricane-prone states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida and currently resides in the Washington, D.C. metro area as he contributes to a hurricane-related project for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Board of Directors

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John Snow

John is an accomplished consultant and successful entrepreneur. His background in community relations will help Hurricakes establish our hurricane outreach and further our mission. He is a graduate of the Louisiana State University Flores MBA program and has resided in Baton Rouge, Louisiana since he was 10 years old.


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Jay Ducote

Jay is an author, producer, radio show host, chef and entrepreneur. His expertise as a culinary critic and advocate will help Hurricakes grow into a successful business while raising money for hurricane relief. He holds a graduate degree from Louisiana State University in Political Science and has lived in the hurricane-prone states of Texas and Louisiana.



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Lexi De Brock

Lexi contributed significantly to the initial branding of Hurricakes and spent countless hours helping with the project. She is a graduate of the Louisiana State University Flores MBA Program where she concentrated in marketing and entrepreneurship. Lexi is a life-long resident of southeastern Louisiana and currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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Russell Adams

Russell helped Hurricakes win the Student Division of the 2009 Mississippi Technology Alliance Business Plan Competition. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi where he received degrees in marketing and management. Russell currently resides in Jackson, Mississippi.


Media Relations

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Mattie Hanley

Mattie is the media relations manager for Hurricakes. She is a graduate of Grove City College where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Mattie currently resides in the Washington, D.C. metro area.



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